Music Services in Cheshire

"Move 2 the Music" is a music service based in Lymm, Cheshire, directed by
Jane Fay, Music Tutor and Consultant, which provides:

Instrumental Tuition

1 to 1 music lessons in saxophone, clarinet, recorder, percussion (including conga and bongo drums, snare drum and hand-held percussion), as well as music theory and composition.

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Music and Movement

General music and movement sessions for young children to help with their overall physical and emotional development.

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Advice and Information

Advice, information and practical sessions for parents regarding the use of music with children for developmental and therapeutic purposes (a service which is tied in with Sandworlds Therapy in Thelwall).

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Group Music Teaching

Group music teaching for nurseries, preschool groups and primary schools, with the emphasis on movement to music.

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About Jane

Jane graduated with an honours degree in Music from Middlesex University and then went on to obtain a Certificate of Teaching with the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. She studied Afro-Caribbean rhythms with Venezuelan percussionist James Vielma, and her saxophone tutors included John Wesley-Barker, Kathy Stobart, Martin Speake (Itchy Fingers), Alan Barnes and composition tutors Walter Fabeck and Richard Barrett. In addition to tutoring secondary age pupils (saxophone, clarinet, recorder, Brazilian percussion and Brazilian rhythms, Afro-Cuban percussion and Afro-Cuban rhythms, music theory and composition), she started to tutor primary age and under, and became an Educator in 2005.

Jane is strongly committed to the promotion of music in the community, and has been involved with saxophone workshops in London, as well as performing with the BBC Elstree Band, Kathy Stobart’s Big Band at the City Lit Institute in London, the Jersey Big Band, and has also undertaken orchestral work with a number of theatrical companies. She has received several commissions for composition of soundtracks/soundscapes for computer animations and museum exhibitions. In 2000 Jane took part in Saxophony – a millennium celebration in Manchester involving outdoor performances by saxophonists positioned on and around some of Manchester city centre’s most celebrated buildings. Jane has played with Republic of Swing, a samba ensemble based in Manchester who play Rio Samba; Juba do Leao – a group performing maracatu and other musical styles from the North East of Brazil; and Clube do Samba, having a particular interest in samba and choro; and has paraded at Notting Hill Carnival since 2008 with London ensembles Estrela do Norte and Paraiso School of Samba.

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